About Susan

Susan Marmo Susan Marmo started writing her first romance novel in 2005 in the front seat of a truck during a long journey down the East Coast of the United States. This novel, For the Rest of My Life, was published in 2008. Her second novel, Just Sophie, a romantic,historical Western, was released in 2012.Susan is scheduled to publish her third romance, Face to the Sun, in 2013 along with two others sometime in early 2014.

Susan lives on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Maryland with her husband, where they run a successful ice cream manufacturing company. When the warmth of the sun fades to cooler weather and slows business, Susan sits down to the keyboard and starts her newest conquest.

Susan spends a lot of time in her husband’s native country of Scotland, where her first book is set. She prefers to be tucked away in small villages dotted along Scotland’s stunning coasts to do her writing.

Outside of reading and writing as things she considers “fun”, Susan has never met a card game she can’t play. She feels a good poker face is so important that it should be listed on a resume. She also has an obsession with the weather. She finds the Weather Channel riveting much to her husband’s dismay.

Want to get in touch? Contact Susan online or at susan[at]susanmarmo[dot]com.